Back in 2008, an ophthalmological story started that would today, almost 8 years later, grow into the biggest regional ophthalmological organization so far.


Svjetlost Clinic Banja Luka was founded in 2011 on the foundations of the then “Kozomara Clinic” which, since its founding, started a successful business and scientific cooperation with Svjetlost Clinic Zagreb. It was then in 2011 that the founder and the owner of the “Svjetlost Clinic” Group, Prof. Dr. Nikica Gabric, decided that it was the time for “Svjetlost Clinic” to open up its doors in Banja Luka, as he, together with his Zagreb team, had successfully run the education and standardization process of the staff of the then “Kozomara Clinic”.

“Svjetlost Clinic” Zagreb, as the first one in the chain of “Svjetlost Clinic”, was founded back in 1997, and its founder, Prof. Gabric, is the most renowned name in the field of ophthalmology both in our region, and beyond. „ The present Specialist Clinic for Ophthalmology “Svjetlost” Zagreb is the most modern medical institution in the field of ophthalmology in the area of ex-Yugoslavia. It stretches over 6 floors, i.e. on more than 2000 m2. It has 10 outpatient wards for everyday examination of patients, 5 operating theatres, rooms and apartments for recovery of patients, and along with all the state-of-the-art equipment, 3 latest-generation lasers for laser vision correction.


Prof. Gabric’s business idea started expanding to the countries of the region too. Thus, in 2011, two “Svjetlost Clinic” were opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. one in Banja Luka and another one in Sarajevo, while in 2012 the “Svjetlost Clinic” started to work in Split too. Even the patients from outside the borders of Croatia and BiH receive the most modern services, all through consultant cooperation of our institutions with other ophthalmological clinics in Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

Our primary goal is to introduce the latest technologies and forms of treatment of all eye diseases to our areas, i.e. to enable the same quality of services like in the biggest ophthalmological clinics of Vienna, Zurich, Tokyo or Moscow.

We are proud of both the quality of our services and the level of education of our staff, and the most modern equipment on which we provide our services. Thus, for example, all the laser vision corrections are performed on the most modern WaveLight 400 Hz laser that also has a system for eye tracking during the operation itself, whereby the possibility of damaging the vision or eye is fully eliminated. Further, the pre-operative examinations for this type of operation are also performed on the latest-generation devices, thus making the entire procedure fully personalized, and the process itself of vision correction individualized and adjusted to every individual patient.



“Svjetlost Clinic” Banja Luka is the first clinic in BiH to perform, back in October 2008, the first surgery of laser vision correction.


For all patients who, due to the size of their diopter, cannot correct their vision by laser, there is a possibility of vision correction by the so-called phakic intraocular lenses.


The cataract operations are done by the ultrasound method without stitches, in topical anesthesia (anesthesia by drops). Different types of intraocular lenses are available to our patients, ranging from those that have a high degree of protection of the eye fundus to those that enable clear vision up close and at distance without the glasses.

Diabetes is presently the most common disease of modern age, which can leave difficult damages on the eye fundus. Our institution is the first one in both the Republic of Srpska and BiH to start applying different types of medicaments for treating diabetic damages of the eye fundus.


Glaucoma, “a silent vision thief”, can be successfully controlled today by surgical intervention too, by implanting the Express Glaucoma shunt, which enables much better control of the intraocular pressure, while reducing the invasiveness of the operation to minimum. In this we are pioneers in the region too…


We believe that our clinic has brought a new light in the Republic of Srpska and BiH ophthalmology and that in future it will be even more modern, up-to-date and more useful to all our patients.


Yours sincerely,

Svjetlost Clinic Banja Luka


Doctors of medicine:

Prof. MD PhD.

Nikica Gabrić

Specialist of ophthalmology


Bojan Kozomara

Specialist of ophthalmology


Ernesta Potkonjak

Specialist of ophthalmology


Nebojša Đogatović


Sanja Savičić



Ana Aničić



Miloš Milićević



Slađana Koprivica



Vladimir Račić


Medical tehnicians:


Marijana Makivić

Head nurse of the Clinic


Dragica Ćulibrk



Sandra Majstorović



Jovica Vuković



Dejana Pantelić



Nikolina Radonić



Nataša Vasić




Nikolina Savanović



If you are professional, ambitious and believe that your knowledge could contribute to the work of the Clinic, please send your CV with a photograph to our email address [email protected] or by land mail to the address of Svjetlost Clinic, Bulevar Desanke Maskimović 12, 78000 Banja Luka, with a designation “For job”.


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